Ever since I was little, I was attracted to programming. There is just something that makes me happy when I create something.

Fun fact! The page you are seeing right now was made using a custom framework built in Rust.

When it started...

I used to program in batch script, way way back when I was about 13. I knew all the tricks to get around batch limitations. My first program was a toy hacking framework. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the source code anymore. :(

What do I do now?

I love to code in:

I mainly focus on the web side of programming. I love web technology, and I believe in the future of web apps.

I also love open source. Ever since I found out about Linux and the open source community, I felt that this is the best way that software can evolve.

My projects

I've had quite a few projects. Here are a few:

Paquet Ciorogarla Unita
Solander Marker

Some other highlights:

My toolchain

Working at Ubisoft has it's perks so I have 2 computers, one for gaming and one for programming.

Here are the things that I use in my programming workflow: