How I built my website

Published on 30.10.2022

Hello there! This is my first blog. If you are seeing this, well, good news. This sucker actually works.

If you read my programming page, you already know I decided to build my website using a custom framework.


I wanted something simple, fast, but flexible. I searched the web a lot but nothing satisifed me. I tried using plain HTML, vanilla JS, fresh, Astro. I even tried using GitHub's Pages service. Not enough flexibility.


I decided to make my own page framework. I first started using Deno to build it but then I though to myself: "Hey, what if I built it in Rust?". I just started learning Rust so I though it would be a great exercise to get comfortable with the language.

The process

I wanted to use Markdown to make my pages. I didn't want anything too fancy. I already heavily use Markdown to write my documents.

I love the gruvbox colorscheme so I decided to use that as a my theme.

So I got to building, it took me like 3 days but in the end it did what it needed to do - generate HTML from Markdown files

This custom framework supports:


This is just a simple blog to test out my framework, that's why I made it this short.